How to win at roulette more than 9000 euros in just 3 hours… it is not a fantasy. It is a real case of a user of the online casino. Not bad, right? There are many ways to win at roulette, but surely you were not aware of the fact that James Bond is an expert in the game. So much so that our player has used a strategy named after him to win this impressive prize. Do you want to know what it consists of? Continue reading.

The creator of the James Bond character, the writer Ian Fleming, boasted that he knew the secret of how to beat roulette. This guaranteed him to have a free dinner thanks to the prizes he got. We are going to break down his strategy and we invite you to try it for free by taking advantage of this double offer that you can see in the image.

How to win at roulette according to James bond

It is also known as the Labouchere system. To play online casino, you don’t have to dress up in your most glamorous clothes or try out your most captivating looks. Leave that to the fictional character. Better find out how to win at electronic roulette using the James Bond method.

To play you must have €200. Relax, be patient and keep reading… you will understand the reason for this amount.

We are going to make column bets or multiple bets. Exactly this way:

  • We bet 140 on the highest numbers (from 19 to 36)
  • We bet €50 on these 6 numbers: from 13 to 18
  • We bet €10 on 0 (as insurance)

In this way you will achieve the following:

  • If the ball has fallen between 19-36 you have won €80
  • If the ball has fallen between 13-18 you have won €100
  • If the ball has landed on 0 you have won €160

Surely you are thinking: How to win roulette without taking into account the numbers from 1 to 12? What is going on with them? Well, we have already told you that in roulette there is no perfect formula to win. For this reason, we offer you a plan B. So if you have not been lucky and the ball has not landed on the selected numbers, we recommend that you recover your losses with the Martingale strategy. Do you know what the Martingale strategy is? We strongly recommend that you discover in this post the 3 most successful roulette strategies.

Real case of how to win at roulette

how to win at roulette

We cannot show you the infallible formula for how to win at electronic roulette, but we do teach you the formula to increase your chances of success. Ahhh, do you want to check how our user did it? Here we leave you his game history and his plays.

Let’s get to know this user a little more with a short interview. Perhaps we will discover the definitive version of how to win at electronic roulette:

How do you deal with nerves when you start to win?

I’m not nervous because if I lose, it’s not a disgrace for me. What’s more, the logical thing is to lose, that’s what the 0 is for. (joke)

Do you think it is better to use a conservative attitude or better to be bold?

For me, as a personal opinion it is better to be bold. The prizes are greater although the risk is also greater. I like the tension that exists when you bet big and wait for the number you bet on to come up. It is a very big emotion.

What type of personality do you think works best when playing roulette?

playing roulette

The fundamental personality is one in which win or lose does not affect daily life. You should not bet money that you cannot lose. But not only in this game but in any other, like the stock market.

You clearly know how to win at roulette: any advice for those who want to win at roulette?

My advice is this: enjoy the game responsibly, and use it as another form of fun and excitement. There are no strategies, it’s just luck. Of course it is easier to earn money here than in the euromillions. If you bet on a number, you win 1 in 36, while in the euromillions it is 1 in more than 140,000,000.

Also, this is fundamental: it is easier to win when you have no problem losing the money you bet than if you play with the stress of saying, I can’t lose it or I won’t be able to pay something. Finally, I would like to thank for the speed in the payment of the prizes, the customer service that validated my data in less than 2 hours, and the entire team that made it easy to resolve my doubts at all times.

Have you ever played roulette? Have you discovered some tricks while playing roulette that guarantee success? If not, we recommend that you take advantage of our Welcome Bonus to put into practice all the strategies and tricks to play roulette that we have been teaching you.

UPDATE on how to win roulette 2023

If after reading this post you want to put into practice how to win at roulette, we recommend two things:

If you are not a user yet, take advantage of this exclusive offer on our blog. With the double offer of €10 free just for registering and the €50 free that we will give you with the first deposit of €10. Click here and this OFFER will be yours.

Before you start playing you must set a money limit that you are willing to play. In this way, you can mark an amount with which you can play roulette online without having to worry. It is, as in other recreational activities, a kind of entrance. If you are going to the cinema, you know that it will cost you specific money and if you add popcorn and drinks, a little more. This advice and other recommendations to enjoy our online casino in the Responsible Gaming section.

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