The online gambling space is not as safe as many punters think, apart from falling into the hands of poor-quality casinos, there are also certain issues gamblers should be aware of. From platforms being hacked to payment issues, there are many challenges gamblers could face when they are not gambling on a legitimate and trustworthy casino. 

To mitigate the issues surrounding the safety and payment concerns surrounding online casinos, these bookmakers might sometimes ask for identity verification. This is one of their latest ways of limiting the risk that comes with online gambling. Therefore when registering on some of the latest online gambling platforms, you would have to provide a means of identification. To activate your National Casino Login details, you would have to provide a government-issued I.D. Hence, it is one of the requirements for joining this bookie. Furthermore, some of the reasons why these casinos request this identification include

To Prevent Under Age Gambling

To Prevent Under Age Gambling

Online casinos are not land-based casinos where you have to be physically present. In online gambling, bookmakers have no idea who is behind the computer or mobile device screen. So, to prevent any form of underage gambling that might affect them legally, these bookmakers proceeded to request means of identification.

Underage gambling is a major issue in the online gambling sector; the minimum required age for joining an online casino is 18 years. Furthermore, it also depends on your location laws, as some go low as 16.  So, by submitting a government-issued I.D., the casino can easily verify your age ensuring you are legal.

Reduction of Payment Issues

Reduction of Payment Issues

One of the negatives of gambling on a poor quality online casino is that you will be faced with lots of issues, especially payment. Casinos normally involve the flow and exchange of high-value currencies, which is why it is necessary to pair them with a good payment method. 

Due to the high occurrence of payment concerns, bookmakers started requesting government-issued I.D. So, whenever they are processing your payment, some make it compulsory that the bank account name matches the one in the I.D. Therefore, without any identification attached to your account, you might not get your profits, or your payment might be delayed. 

It is compulsory for jackpot winners to provide a means of identification on all online casinos. Due to the enormous earnings associated with jackpots, these bookies often go above and above to prevent any transaction issues.

Prevents Spam and Fake Accounts 

Online casinos are targets of hackers with malicious intent; their goal is to find a way into the platform to access players’ information. Hence, they tend to register fake accounts to spam other customers. Therefore, with the inclusion of Identity verification, it becomes very difficult to register fake accounts. Also, the system will flag any account trying to use an already registered identification.

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