We all want to find that trick to play roulette that allows us to win money. Well, it seems that a user of the Sportium online casino, one of the most popular Online Casinos in Spain, has found the key in some of the different best-known roulette strategies. Our protagonist that night turned off the TV and chose to play and implement roulette strategies, since he likes to play and win at the online casino.

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That night things went better than expected: In just four hours he won nothing less than 14,000 euros!! using European roulette strategies. For a long time, whenever he played roulette, he repeated the same strategy: he bet on some specific numbers and if he was right, the bet made was multiplied by 35. And boy, was he right that night!

In just 4 hours of playing and following his game strategy, he achieved no less than 14,000 euros with an initial investment of only €100.

The Big 3 Roulette Strategies

A ball that spins on a wheel and falls into a box with a number and a color. That is basically the game of roulette and with it dozens of strategies have appeared that claim to know how to win roulette. Actually, these types of European roulette strategies are valid only as a way to play, but they do not guarantee guaranteed success.

Therefore, despite the fact that there are websites that claim to have a strategy with which they ensure success, this is not the case. Chance counts.

There is no magic formula or casino roulette strategies to always win, but there are ways to play that many experts recommend following. To do this, we give you €10 free to try these strategies.



It is one of the most famous roulette strategies and can be used not only in online casinos, but also in betting and other games of chance. It must be taken into account that the use of Martingale in betting as a valid system as well. This roulette strategy was born in France in the 18th century and consists of betting a fixed amount on the initial bet and in case of loss, doubling this amount until our bet is won.

In this way, the amount that we put as our initial bet when we started playing roulette will have been achieved as a benefit. It is used in simple bets such as double or nothing: red-black, even-odd, etc.

We can explain it more clearly with a game example:

First step:

We bet €1 on black. If we win, we repeat the same step. If we lose, we go to the next step.

Second step:

We bet €2 on black (double the previous one). If we win, we go back to step 1. If we lose, we go to step 3.

Third step:

We bet €4 on black (double from step 2). Again, if we win, we start over, and if we lose, we continue to step 4.

Fourth step:

We bet €8 on black (double from step 2). As in the previous step, if we win we start over, and if we lose, we continue to step 5.

Fifth step:

We double the bet again: €16. Whether you win or lose, you go back to step 1. If you win in the last step, your winnings would amount to €16, while your losses would add up to 1+2+4+8 = €15. We will have won €1, the equivalent of the initial bet.


This method of winning at roulette is based on the Law of Equilibrium, developed by the 18th century French mathematician of the same name. It consists of adding a bet unit after a failure. In the same way, that same amount will be subtracted in case of success. It is one of the most used European roulette strategies or systems in the casino and is also known under the name of the Pyramid system. It is a betting system for players who want to keep a certain number of bets and losses to a minimum.

1st Step:

First bet. We bet 1 chip and lose. Loss: -1 Net: -1

2nd Step:

We add a unit. We bet 2 chips and lose. Loss: -2 Net: (-1-2) =-3

3rd Step:

We added another unit. We bet 3 chips and win. Gain: +3 Net: (-1-2+3) = 0

4th Step:

We subtract one unit. We bet 2 chips and win. Gain: +2 Net: (-1-2+3+2) =+2

5th Step:

We lowered the bet another unit. We bet 1 and lose. Loss: -1 Net: (-1-2+3+2-1) =+1

6th Step:

We add a token. We bet 2 and win. Gain: +2 Net: (-1-2+3+2-1+2) =+3

The D’Alembert system is designed so that, with the same number of winning and losing plays (balance), the final result offers a positive balance equal to the number of winning plays in the series. In this case, the profit is 3 units, which is the number of times we have won or lost.



Roulette strategy created by Leonardo Pisano Bigollo, who was popularly known as Fibonacci. He was a famous Italian mathematician born in the year 1170. He became famous for discovering the sequence of numbers known by name and in which each number is the sum of the two previous numbers: 1-1-2-3-5-8- 13-21-34-55-89-144-233-377-610.

It can be applied as an electronic roulette strategy as follows: You start by betting a small amount on a single bet (black/red, odd/even or 1-18/19-36). If you lose, you continue with the sequence. In other words, if you have bet one euro and you lose, you bet €1, if you lose, you bet €2 (€1+€1= €2) When you win, you must return to two bets backwards in the described sequence and bet that amount . But much easier to understand it with this example with a round with won and lost bets and its development in the Fibonacci strategy:

  • Bet on black, €3, result: you lose
  • Bet on black, €3, result: you lose
  • Bet on black, €6, result: you lose
  • Bet on black, €9, result: you lose
  • Bet on black, €15, result: you win
  • Bet on black, €6, result: you lose
  • Bet on black, €9, result, win
  • Bet on black, €3, result, win
  • Bet on black, €3, result, win -3 -3 -6 -9 +15 – 6 + 9 +3 +3 +3 = +3

In this way, despite the fact that 5 bets have been lost for 4 won, it has managed to obtain benefits of €3.

Roulette strategies: conclusions

In short, there are strategies that offer a certain guarantee that the results of the online casino, specifically in the electronic roulette strategy, will be more positive than without these tactics. But as we always say, there are no definitive casino roulette strategies. They are aids, not a sure way to win at roulette.

Roulette Strategy UPDATE 2021

Regarding the roulette betting strategies explained in this post, we repeat that they are not infallible. They are known systems in the gaming world for years. However, a fundamental part of the philosophy of the game is to have fun and know when you have to stop. For this reason, we recommend that you follow the Sportium Responsible Gaming guidelines.

How to win money in online roulette?

Undoubtedly, one of the necessary aspects to implement these roulette strategies in the online casino is to play responsibly, in a healthy way and being aware that it is a playful activity. To win money in casino roulette or its online version, you must choose a strategy and follow it successfully, but always following some responsible gambling tips:

  • Don’t play too long
  • Set a spending limit: it’s like paying for a ticket. If you win, better!
  • Do not reinvest all your cash. Once you have won, withdraw your initial investment. And play with your benefits.

There are only three small tips so that playing online casino is pure fun.

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