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To start playing BlackJack online at Online casino, complete the registration form. Once inside, choose one of the different types of BlackJack present in our Casino. After each game session, you will know the summary of the amounts bet and results obtained, so that you can keep track of your progress, wins and losses, and thus control your balance.

Rules to learn to play Blackjack 21

Our objective is to beat the dealer without going over 21, for this we place a bet and the dealer deals us two cards face up and two cards for himself, but one card is face up, leaving the value of this and the other visible. card is face down, and it is not revealed until we do one of the possible actions that we explained before:

  • Ask
  • stand up
  • double bet
  • split pair

We are free to choose the strategy that suits us best, but the dealer must follow the rules of blackjack, and thanks to this information we have from the dealer we will use it in our favor to beat him. If the dealer on his cards draws a value less than 16 he will have to hit until he reaches 17 or more, at which point he will stand.

If our hand has the same value as the dealer’s, there is a tie and we recover our bet.

Our decision to play or do any of the allowed actions will depend on which hand we have played, depending on the hand we have we will opt for one strategy or another, in order to reach 21 without going over.

How do you see the rules of Blackjack are simple, many players who seek to know how to play 21 in cards mistakenly believe that it is a game like Poker, since there is a certain similarity in the layout of the table, the dealer and the players, but nothing is further from reality, in poker we seek to win the rest of the players and how Blackjack 21 is played is by seeking to win the croupier (or the bank).

How to bet on blackjack

bet on blackjack

The value of the bet is marked as in the casino, with a sign on the table that indicates the minimum and maximum bets.

A game will have at least one bet, which will be made in order to play the round. In order for the dealer to deal cards, players must place a bet, at which point one card is dealt to everyone face up including the dealer and then one card to each player face up and one card to the dealer face down. At this moment it is our second opportunity to bet in case the hand allows it, either because we split a couple or double our bet

How do you win at Blackjack?

Getting more points than the dealer without going over 21

What does it mean to pay 3 to 2 in Blackjack?

If we get a BlackJack (21) and our bet was 20, we will get 30.

How many cards are dealt in Blackjack?

Two cards are dealt per player. Then we can ask for another letter if we need it.

How to count sing in online Blackjack?

In online Blackjack you cannot count cards, since in each new hand you start from scratch with the deck, therefore, the number of cards that came out in the previous hand, are back in the deck.

How much are the cards worth in 21 blackjack?

21 blackjack

The Ace is worth 1 or 11

The figures (J, Q and K) are worth 10

The rest of the cards are worth what the card marks

What is the value of the K in the cards?

The K is worth 10.

How much are Kings worth in 21?

Kings are worth 10.

How much is the Ace worth in Blackjack?

The Ace is worth 1 or 11, as best suits our hand.

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