How is BlackJack played? Surely you have asked yourself this question thousands of times. It is a very famous casino game, but perhaps in Spain it has been slow to become popular. With the advent of Internet Casinos and live online BlackJack, the distance between the game and potential players has been greatly reduced.

And it is that, as we have already told you, BlackJack is, of all the Casino games, the most popular card game (yes, even more than poker, although it is true that it has cut distance in recent times). And it is because it is an entertaining, dizzying game and, above all, very easy to learn, understand and master. Let’s detail how to play blackjack!

Let’s understand how to “master” knowing how to play quite clearly, not becoming BlackJack cracks. The basic rules of the game are simple (we’ll explain them to you in a moment) and the mechanics are simple enough that you don’t have to think as much as in poker, for example. The important thing here will be the blackjack technique you use!

So, if from time to time you like to play in the online casino and you want to have a lot of fun without excessive effort, we are going to explain how to play BlackJack. As they say, “chew” so that everyone understands it.

Let’s go there!

How to Play BlackJack: Basic Rules

Let’s see. Let’s start at the beginning of principles.

BlackJack, normally, a maximum of 7 players play

The players play with 2 starting cards and uncovered on the table. The croupier plays with an uncovered card and another covered one.


In BlackJack, also called Twenty-one, the fundamental objective is to beat the dealer with your cards, which must add up to a value of 21 or as close to 21 without going over (taking exactly 21 is called Blackjack). So that?

Outscore the dealer’s hand (which can never be more than 21 either)

dealer's hand

DO NOT go over 21 points when the dealer’s hand DOES pass them

As you can see, in BlackJack the player basically competes against the dealer (a figure that, by the way, must be studied in depth, something for which we have prepared a great tutorial).

Card values

To achieve this, as we said, we will have to form hands whose scores get as close as possible to said figure of 21 points. Each card in the (English) deck has a default value:

The AS scores either 1 or 11 depending on the rest of the hand the player is currently holding.

Figures score 10

The rest of the cards in the deck score their face value

Having explained all this, let’s put ourselves in a situation: we have the dealer in front of us and the rest of the players next to us. We have already been dealt 2 cards, uncovered, and the rest of the players and the croupier have, in turn, theirs. How does the game continue?

Possible actions

Hit: the dealer gives us a card, which is added to our hand (uncovered)

Stand: stop playing until countdown, once the round is over

Double bet: the player receives an additional card in exchange for doubling his bet


Split Pairs: If you have 2 of the same cards, you can choose to split them into two different hands. Each hand carries its bet separately

A blackjack table can tell you which is the best option at all times.

Win or lose

Win or lose

As we explained at the beginning, a player wins if the following assumptions occur:

  • He has not exceeded 21 points and his score, whatever it may be, exceeds that of the croupier
  • Reach 21 points with a BlackJack (now we will explain what this play consists of)

Similarly, you lose if:

  • He is outscored by the dealer, and he does not exceed 21 points
  • If you go over 21 points

What is ‘having BlackJack’?

A BlackJack is considered when a player adds exactly 21 points naturally, with only 2 cards, said hand consisting of a figure (10) and an AS (11).

Before finishing

Well… now that we know, roughly, how BlackJack is played, what should we do? Just start playing? Not at all! It takes a good deal of time, patience and a lot of practice to master a room through beginner BlackJack strategy, and then end up being a good player.

In addition (and we have already explained this in other tutorials on BlackJack tips), we must always keep in mind that it is a very mathematical game. If you have a bit of mental avidity, it is very likely that the player will quickly adapt to the mechanics of the game, limiting probabilities and plays with simple head calculations.

But watch out! This does not mean that we are already experts, nor that we are going to become millionaires by playing BlackJack. As we say, you always have to play with a lot of head and responsibility, and spend a lot of time and practice before being regular BlackJack players in an online Casino.

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